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Antisemitism and Anarchy (Dysophia 3)

Posted by dysophia on June 27, 2012

Antisemitism and Anarchy: New publication now out

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is a key topic for many anarchists. Support for the Palestinians in the face of an occupying army is strong and we have seen many campaigns to lift the causes of their suffering. The charge of antisemitism is regularly made, but the accusation is a potent and politicised one that regularly ignites debates on mailing lists and online forums.

Dysophia has brought together a collection of articles to try and unpick some of these debates, to make sense of arguments around the meaning of Zionism, what constitutes antisemitism or how to make sense of divisive figures such as Gilad Atzmon.

It draws on the anarchist tradition to bring an anti-racist perspective to these difficult questions. While not providing definite answers, these articles have been selected to give anarchists a better overview of all perspectives so that as a movement we can produce more nuanced views that avoid the twin pitfalls of racism and liberalism.

In the words of one of the contributors, Uri Gordon, anarchist academic and activist with Anarchists Against the Wall:

“As Anarchists supporting the Palestinian popular struggle for freedom and justice, our most powerful asset is informed, compassionate and nuanced language. The alternative – rehearsed phrases, dehumanization, and black-and-white imagery – not only contradicts our uncompromising belief in human equality, but also plays directly into the hands of the Israeli government. It is therefore crucial to clarify and dispell the often insidious manifestations of antisemitism in today’s heated debates, and the present collection does so incisively.”

Including work from April Rosenblum, Austrian & Goldman, Lucy Michaels, Uri Gordon, Donal O’Driscoll and Mina Graur, Antisemitism and Anarchism is the latest in a series of pamphlets from Dysophia exploring issues around green anarchism in action. It seeks to present theoretical positions in a way that is accessible to all.

The publication comes as 92 page A4 pamphlet. It is available online in pdf format here.  (Note, because of software issues, the April Rosenblum zine The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere has not come out in final web pdf; we are trying to sort this, but in the meantime, it can be downloaded directly from her site at ThePast.info

Hard copies can be ordered from
Active Distribution – http://www.activedistribution.org
AK Press – http://www.akuk.com
News From Nowhere – http://www.newsfromnowhere.org.uk/

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. The past did not go anywhere, April Rosenblum
3. Fear and Loathing, Lucy Michaels
4. How to strengthen the Palestinian Solidarity Movement by making friends with Jews, Austrian & Goldman

Anarchism in Israel
5. Anarchy in the Holy Land, Uri Gordon
6. Israeli anarchism: Statist dilemmas and the dynamics of joint struggle, Uri Gordon

Taking it forward
7. Antisemitism and the Challenge of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Donal O’Driscoll

Anarchist Statements
8. For peace and freedom in Palestine, Czech Anarchist Federation
9. No state solution in Gaza, AFED

Historical Perspectives
10. Anarcho Nationalism, Mina Graur
11. On Zionism, Emma Goldman


One Response to “Antisemitism and Anarchy (Dysophia 3)”

  1. Response to Uri Gordon’s article: “Israeli anarchism: Statist dilemmas and the dynamics of joint struggle”

    I cannot but disagree with his suggestion to encourage the creation of a Palestinian State. We Jews were freer to be Moral when we did NOT have a State. We were not more vulnerable when we were not concentrated in one small geographical area either.

    My Husband and I were discussing the Issue of Statelessness.

    It occurred to me, as an Israeli, that Statelessness can have decided Advantages; if one sees the matter properly and sees the Opportunity therein.

    After learning that the British “gentlemen” who debated ratifying the Balfour Declaration decided to vote in favor of the creation of the State of Israel on the proviso that it functioned as the “Ulster of the ME”; I realized that becoming a State is only possible if the established powers can integrate that State into the International Munitions (and probably Drugs) Markets.

    My Husband suggested calling people who are not bound by citizenship in a State STATE-FREE, instead of Stateless.

    There are many STATE-FREE Peoples all over the world and, if they reach out to one another, including to the many SEPARATIST Movements around the world, they could become a Force to Be Reckoned With.
    The strength of the Multinational Banks and Corporations resides precisely in their being Supra-National.
    To fight them, we need Supra-National Businesses, which STATE-FREE People can form.

    My recommendation to the PALESTINIANS is to reach out to other STATE-FREE Peoples instead of insisting upon Statehood, which will require that you give up your Morality and accept other constraints that you will come to hate.

    Reach out the the Basques who run the Cooperative MONDRAGON – a tremendously successful Cooperative.
    Reach out to the Frisians.
    Reach out to the Sami.
    Reach out to the Roma.
    There are many, MANY other STATE-FREE Peoples all over the world.

    Reach out and do not allow yourselves to be limited by artificial borders.

    Instead of being one Organ in the Body of Humanity, limited in place, become the Lifeblood of Humanity, present and essential Everywhere.


    Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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