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About Us

Dysophia is a new imprint for publishing pamphlets and zines exploring issues around green anarchist thought in a way that makes the issues accessible to everyone. We try to avoid dense theory, but give the knowledge to empower and make up your own minds.

For us green anarchism is a powerful tool for analysing much of the world around us, from interpersonal relationships to how we take on the big problems standing between us and our ideal society. We want to educate and encourage debate, to question everything then bring it together with solutions that take us forward. We are not interested in prolonged bickering over moot points, but celebrate our diversity and our common ambitions.

It is okay to challenge each other, it is okay to disagree. Knowledge does not have to be unified, but through honest and open discussion everyone can benefit and make up their own minds.

We are always interested in feedback, suggestions of topics to cover or even ideas of articles you would like to write for us. We will try to respond to all emails, but we cannot promise, and as much as we like debate what we ideally want are direct responses we can put into future publications.

Currently available issues are

Green Anarchism: a political toolbox (Dysophia 0)

The Crisis of Crises Pt1: The Financial Crisis (CC1)

The Crisis of Crises Pt2: Peak Resources & Climate Change (CC2)

In preparation:

Polyamory: anarchist perspectives (Dysophia 1)

Poverty, Privilege and Immigration (Dysophia 2)

For more information email d y s o p h i a {at} r i s e u p . n e t or write to

Dysophia, c/o CRC, 16 Sholebroke Avenue, Leeds, LS7 3HB, United Kingdom

We are working on subscriptions, but in the meantime find us at bookfairs, infoshops and the like, or simply email us about getting printed copies sent to you.

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